Biography of Dr. Mohiuddin Ahmed

A Biographical Sketch of Mohiuddin Ahmed

Citizenship: Naturalized US Citizen

Licensed as psychologist provider in Massachusetts  and RI

Address: 57 Puddingstone Lane, Bellingham, MA 02019

Email: ;

Blog Sites: Metis Psychological Associates, LLC, Psychology and Mental Health Resource Links by Dr. M. Ahmed


o    B.A. (Hons.) in Philosophy, Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (1958).

o    M.A. in Philosophy, Dhaka University, Bangladesh (1959).

o    M.S. in Clinical Psychology, Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York (1963).

o    Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1969).

Work Experience- Current

Psychologist: Metis Psychological Associates, LLC, 490 North Main, Randolph, MA 02368 (November, 2015-present)

o    Consulting Psychologist, part-time, Community Care Alliance, Woonsocket, Rhode Island (November 2009-to-present).

o    Adjunct Professor Department of Psychology, University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI(2004-to-present).

Past Work Experience

o    Clinical Psychologist (part-time, providing services to nursing home clients), MedOptions, Inc., Behavior Health Services Provider, Old Say brook, CT (2010-2013).

o    Consulting Psychologist providing group and individual therapy to adults and children, psychological evaluation and consultation (part-time) NRI Community Services Woonsocket, RI (1999-October 2009)Staff Psychologist (part-time) Taunton State Hospital, Massachusetts (2004-2009).

o    Senior Psychologist (half-time), Taunton State Hospital, Massachusetts (1988-2002).

o    Chief Psychologist (half-timed) NRICS, Rhode Island (1981-1999).

o    Director, Outpatient Services, NRI Community Services (NRICS) Woonsocket, Rhode Island (1979-81).

o    Chief Psychologist and Director, Community Evaluation and Rehabilitation Clinic (CERC), Wrentham State School, Massachusetts (1971-79).

o    Lecturer, Philosophy Department, Dhaka University, Bangladesh (1960-61).

o    Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Ateneo De Manila, Philippines (1979-71).

o    Lecturer (part-time), Psychology Department, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts (1972-74)

Additional Work Experience:

  • Private Practitioner as clinical psychologist (providing therapy, assessments, and consultation), Barrington Medical Center, East Providence, Rhode Island (1981-1988).
  • Consulting Psychologist (part-time)Community Counseling Center, Pawtucket, Rhode Island (1983-1987).
  • Consulting Psychologist (part-time),Family Resource Community Action, Rhode Island (2001-2002).

Other Consultation Experience

o    Consultant Developmental Medicine Center, Formerly Developmental Evaluation Clinic, Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts (1974-79).

o    Consultant (assisting with program development in retardation in Bangladesh , under TOKTEN program of United Nations Developmental Program, 1991.

Research Project Involvements:

  • Project Director: Behavior Training of Mentally Retarded and Behaviorally Disordered Filipino Children in Public Schools sponsored by Philippine Mental Health Association (1970-71)
  • Project Director: Day and Residential Programs for Behaviorally Disordered Mentally Retarded Adults in Community sponsored by Wrentham Research Foundation in collaboration with Department of Mental Health and Retardation in Massachusetts (1976-79).
  • Project Director: CMHC (NRI Community Mental Health Center)-Local Educational Authority (Catchment Area Public Schools) Collaborative Projects: pioneering home-based counseling, school-based counselingand clinic-based day school program, sponsored by the RI Department of Education (1980-1986).
  • Project Director: Adaptation of the Multi-Function Needs Assessment Survey sponsored by Rhode Island Mental Health Advancement Resource Center (1996-97).
  • Co-project Director with David Osser, MD: Long-term Follow up of clozapine treated hospitalized patients discharged to the community sponsored by Taunton State Hospital Research Committee in collaboration with Massachusetts DMH Research Committee. (CORRC 1998-2009).



Recently published a book in collaboration with Professor Charles Boisvert of Rhode Island College on a psychotherapy model, Mind Stimulation Therapy. Pioneered this model of psychotherapy for challenging mental health populations that was developed in his work experience over 40+ years of clinical practice in various practice settings with diverse clinical populations. The Mind Stimulation Therapy model was further refined and developed in his long-time collaborative work with Professor Boisvert, who was his former student-extern for six years at NRI Community Services.

See Mind Stimulation Therapy: Cognitive Intervention for Persons with Schizophrenia by Mohiuddin Ahmed and Charles Boisvert, Routledge, NY, 2013


Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D., Harold J. Bursztajn, MD., Ronald Abramson, MD: Back to the Future. To be published in Psychiatric Services, May Issue, 2016.

Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D., Harold J. Bursztajn, MD, Ronald Abramson, MD, Steven Nisenbaum, Ph.D.:  An alternative name for schizophrenia. The Lancet Psychiatry, Vol 1, Issue 4, 2014

Mohiuddin Ahmed, PhD, Harold J. Bursztajn, MD, Beverly Jalil, Ahmad Newaz Khan, MD, and Reza Rahman, MD. Maintenance of recovery from severe psychotic depression following successful electroconvulsive therapy in an elderly patient with “natural support,” Journal of Clinical Geriatrics and Gerontology, July, 2014.

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D, David N Osser, MD, Charles M Boisvert, Ph.D., Lawrence Albert, MD, & Masood Aslam, MD. Rationale for Emphasis on Management over Treatment of Schizophrenia in Clinical Practice, Annals of Pharmacotherapy, April 2007, 41:693-95.

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. & Charles M Boisvert, Ph.D. Using computers as visual aids to enhance communication in therapy, Behavior, September 2006, 5: 847-55.

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. & Charles M Boisvert, Ph.D. Using Positive Psychology with Special Mental Health Populations, American Psychologist May-June 2006, 333-5.o

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. & Charles M Boisvert, Ph.D. Exploring Unique Roles for Psychologists, American Psychologist, October 2005, 732-4.o

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. & Charles M Boisvert, Ph.D. Multimodal Integrative Cognitive Stimulating Therapy (MICST): Moving beyond the reduction of psychopathology in Schizophrenia, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, December 2003, 34(6):644-51.o

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. & Charles M Boisvert, Ph.D. Enhancing Communication Through Visual Aids in Clinical Practice, American, October 2003,58(10) 816-19. o

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. & Charles M Boisvert, Ph.D. Cognitive Skills Group Treatment for Schizophrenia, Psychiatric Services, November 2002, 53911): 1476-7o

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. & Charles M Boisvert, Ph.D. Computer-facilitated therapy dialogue with persons with schizophrenia, Psychiatric, January 2002, 53(1): 99-100.o

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. Computer-facilitated therapy: Reality-based dialogue with people with schizophrenia, Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 1999, 28(4): 397-403.

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D., Franz Bayog, B.A., and Charles M Boisvert, Ph.D. Computer-facilitated therapy with inpatients with schizophrenia, Psychiatric Services, October 1997. 48(10): 13354-5.o

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. & Judith A Goldman, Ph.D. Cognitive Rehabilitation of adults with severe and persistent mental illness: a group model, Community Mental Health Journal, August 1994, 30: 385-394.

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. Behavior therapy with emotionally disturbed and retarded Filipinos children, Philippine Journal of Mental Health, 1973,4(2): 69-110.o

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. American Student Activism in Comparative Perspective, American Psychologist, 1971, 26(5): 514.o

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. & James F. Voss, Ph.D. Serial Acquisition as a function of Stage of Learning, Journal of Experimental Psychology, 1969, 82(2): 396-400.

Poster Presentations

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. & David N Osser, MD. Follow-up of Successfully Treated Clozapine Patients Over One Year After Discharge: A Performance Improvement Outcome Study. Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry Sponsored Seventh Annual Research Day, April 1999.o

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D., William Disch, Ph.D., Mary Dwyer, MSN, & James Gilchrist, BA. A preliminary report on Needs Assessment and an Intervention Program at a Community Mental Health Center: Examination of the Psychometric Properties of the Multi-Function Needs Assessment Scale for Assessing Functional Status of Client Needs During an Intervention Program for Psychiatric Clients. Poster presented at a meeting sponsored by Rhode Island Mental Health Advancement Resource Center, June 1998.

Workshop and Other Presentations:

Mohiuddin Ahmed: Mind Stimulation for Adaptive Thinking, Feelings, and Behaving. Medway Public Library Public Education Presentation, October 8, 2015.

Mohiuddin Ahmed and Charles Boisvert: Mind Stimulation Therapy, Rhode Island Social Worker Association, and RI Mental Health Association, 2015, and 2014.

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, and Charles Boisvert, Cognitive Stimulation, Mindfulness Strategies, and Existential Perspectives in Group Counseling -A report on the adaptation of the Multimodal Integrative Cognitive Stimulation Treatment (MICST) with substance abuse populations23rd  and 26th Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders,2010 and 2012o     

o    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. New Techniques of Cognitive Treatment. Presentation at Research Symposium entitled, “Progress in Schizophrenia Research in the Southeastern Area,” Southeastern Area Research Committee of Massachusetts, Department of Mental Health, Brockton, November 1998.

Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D. & Jackie Farese, MA. Affective and Values Clarifying Education and Group Therapy as Part of Daily Classroom Activities for the Behaviorally Handicapped Adolescents. Presentation at XIII International School Psychological Co


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Clinical Consulting Psychologist in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, active in mental health publications and blogging.

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